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Please Help! They have confiscated our dogs! (Munich)

Dear all, I need help. Last week we have arrived in Munich and at the customs they confiscated our 2 beautiful dogs. All the paper works were properly done. There was just a mistake in one of the papers. They asked for a new form to be filled. That is what we did. Then they came with another excuse, that the stamp had to be on each page. They also got that. Then they came with another excuse. When we satisfied all their demands then they stopped contacting us. Yesterday they sent us a mail, 30 Euro for the mailing and 35euro for administration. But the worst thing is that they have announced that they are going to put the dogs in quarantine for 4 months!!!! 4 months....god they are going to die. We are going to die. Is it justice in this country. Non of my husbands, german colleagues got the same treatment as us. It is unacceptable! They don't have any acceptable reason to keep the dogs. They have already for a second time give them the vaccination and they are going to hold them there and evry month a new vaccination and new check up... Please, Somebody help us. One of the dogs needs constant care as he has a hip deplacement. A wrong move, and he will be forever in pain.

I beg you, if anyone has anyidea to help us. There must be some animal rights in this land. HELP!!!!

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