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Retiring in Germany - health insurance (Munich)

I am a 60 year old Australian citizen considering retiring in Germany next year. I have been travelling to Germany annually for the last 4 years. Last year I spoke to the government office and they advised retirement would not be a problem provided I had an address in Germany, sufficient income, and private health insurance. I don't know what is considered sufficient income. My annual income stream will be about 35,000 euro. Of course this is dependent on the cost of living of the area I choose to live in. I have a close friend in Fürstenfeldbruck, but I recognise that being close to Munich means it is more expensive. I will want to rent alone. I would also like to get some idea of the cost of private health insurance? I am in very good health with no medical conditions but I' am sure at age 60 the costs are higher. Any advice on income requirements and cost of health insurance would be greatly appreciated.

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