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Save the Amerika Haus! (Munich)

As some of you might already be aware, the State of Bavaria recently announced a plan to hand over the Amerika Haus on Karolinenplatz to Acatech (Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften) by the end of Protected content .

This is very sad news to those of us who have come to know the Amerika Haus as an integral part of promoting transatlantic political and cultural relationships in Munich: The Amerika Haus, which currently houses not only the Bayerisch-Amerikanisches-Zentrum, the Department of Education and Exchange, but also a library and several other cultural and political organizations, has been host to countless lectures, theater performances, concerts, and events over the past several decades. Since Protected content , it has truly become an international hub and symbol of German/Bavarian/American/Canadian cooperation,

In working to save the Amerika Haus, a social media initiative has been launched. Please show your support by adding a ‘Herz für das Amerika Haus’ to your facebook profile. Given the support provided by most of the political parties plus a significant section of the CSU, there is still a chance to save Amerika Haus.

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