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Stuck in Munich waiting for US Visa extension

Hello all,

I am stuck in a weird situation in Munich, and was scouting through the local forums to see if someone can help.

I work in the USA and had come to Germany for a business visit. However, my Visa to the US had expired so I applied for an extension here at the US Consulate (Munich). Unfortunately, it has been over three weeks and I am yet to get my passport back from them.

All my documents were in order, and the Visa officer said so (and also added that the interview was all great). This was three weeks back. The wait since then, however, has been extremely unsettling and I am not even sure when they will return my passport. They are not responding to emails, and over the phone they cannot give any status updates, timelines, etc. If you are about to suggest walking up to the embassy to ask, well, let's just say it cannot be healthy. :)

Therefore, if someone had any contacts inside the US Embassy, it would be of tremendous help.

Thanks in advance,

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