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Work in München! (Munich)

Hey everyone!

My name is Joana Santos, I'm Portuguese and I've arrived in Munich about a week a go, and I was looking for a job opportunity in my degree area.
My degree is in Interior and Equipment Design, which allows me to do works in Decoration, Window Displays and Creating Furniture, just to name a few.

I speak, write and understand English fluently and was hoping to find something for starts, that will allow me to explore my knowledge in English, while I attempt to learn German. I already have a A1 level in German, yet it is not enough to sign up for more customer targeted jobs.

I am willing to work and learn, so if anyone knows about some kind of job, part-time included, please reply!

Also, if there is anyone who's interested in learning Portuguese, and willing to teach German in exchange, please reply too!

Thank you in advance!

Best regards, Joana Santos!

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