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I have few questions for those who love children (New Delhi)


Hi All,

I would really appreciate if I get the following information from parents who really love their children and are concerned with their education. I am looking for some contribution from respective countries/states also.

If you or someone else in your circle might be able to contribute an article to me.Let them know that I am basically looking for the answers for the following questions:

a) Are they happy with the play school or not?
b) Was it difficult for them to get their child admitted to the play school? or preschool or nursery class?
c) Were the dates for the admission announced by the school? What was the means of communication ie was it through newspaper or websites or radio or cable TV or mobile phones?
d) Were there any interview rounds for the parents? Or were the parents had to fix any appointment with the school authorities?
e) What kind of schools are present in their respective countries?
f) Are they happy with the policies and rules and guidelines of the educational system in their country?
g) What were the difficulties faced by them?
h) Is child happy to go to the play school or nursery class?
i) What were the experiences of the parents/single parent during the admission processes?
j) I am looking at the intricacies of the admission procedures and processes involved.
k) Did the school authorities ask questions pertaining the educational qualifications for the parents, their professional careers, back-grounds,any kind of preferences were present for the Diplomats,business class,working class,professionals,etc.,any dress code to be maintained,etc.?
l) Any lottery system is present to get the admission of their child? Were parents happy about it? What happens to those children whp do not get through the lottery system? Please share any other systems available in the admission to the playschools or the nursery schools?
m) Were documents and certificates asked from the parents? Did the school authorities verify and cross check them?
n) The parents usually spend lot of time for their first child to get admitted. What happens if the second child is admitted in the same school? Do they have to go through the same rounds of admission process in the case of the siblings?
o) Did the schools ask the parents to donate or give some extra money to get the admission of their child?
p) Was the school as per your expectations? Was your child really happy?
q) Was the child interviewed at the admission process?

I invite everybody to share their opinions or experiences.


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