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Maid Available (New Delhi)

We are leaving Delhi and thus our great maid Lily is now free to support another house hold.

Lily was recommended to us by another expat due to her good work there and has for the past several months worked in our house. Unfortunately, we are now leaving on a short notice, too.

Lily is fit in the common and advanced house-keeper tasks such as dusting and cleaning, dish washing, cooking, watering plants, buying groceries. She also coordinated independently with various people during our working hours (e.g. receiving mails, paying car cleaner, etc.).

Lily was very thorough in her work, cleaning the house as if it was her own. She is very trustable and had both our house key and cash to buy groceries, without ever any incident of abuse. She cooked mainly Indian food for us, but quickly picked up unfamiliar/ international dishes if recipe was provided. Non-Veg was no problem. Overall she was very quick in picking up instructions and learning about our requirements.

What sets her apart is her outgoing personality and positive attitude. Lily smiles a lot and likes to share her experiences. Her command of English is basic but sufficient to exchange required information.

Please drop me a message if you are in need of a new maid. Or give her a call directly on Protected content Protected content . If you speak English, make sure to speak a little slower :-)

Best regards,

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