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FREE Pair Tix in Brooklyn - Sunday - A Fugitive from the Past (New York)

I won a pair of tickets to see this film and I cannot go... I will be getting an email confirmation of the tickets that I will send to the first responder - send message to me please to claim:

A Fugitive from the Past

Sunday Apr Protected content
BAM Rose Cinemas Protected content Ave, 718.636. Protected content

Director: Tomu Uchida - GREAT article on director Protected content
Year: Protected content
Runtime: Protected content
Country: Japan
Cast: Rentaro Mikuni, Sachiko Hidari

Long considered Uchida's greatest work - "the director's masterpiece without doubt" (Yann Tobin, Positif) though THE MAD FOX and one or two others also must certainly be in the running - A FUGITIVE FROM THE PAST remains an essential work of Japanese cinema. The past pays an unwelcome visit in this modernist detective story as surely as it does in any film noir. In the pulse-pounding opening of FUGITIVE, set during a typhoon in Protected content , a pawnbroker's family is murdered, robbed, and their house burned down. A decade later, the person responsible, now a successful businessman living under an assumed name, has a surprise call from a prostitute who encountered him on that fateful day and became obsessed with him, even retaining his nail clipping as a memento. In its use of the investigative crime genre to inspect a society, FUGITIVE looks forward to many European films of the subsequent decade, but few can match its technical virtuosity. Shot in black-and-white Scope, with some 16mm imagery blown up to 35mm to achieve harshness, the film's rough, grainy textures exaggerate its elemental bleakness (especially the blustery, blowing ocean), its brooding sense of survival at any cost and of the impossibility of salvation in postwar Japan. "Stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the masterworks of the 60s . . . Mikuni, Sachiko Hidari, and Junzaburo Ban all give fantastic, nuanced performances" ( Midnight Eye).

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