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Introduction Thread (New York)

Hi New York community!

I thought we could maybe have a little introduction thread here, where everyone tells us a bit about themselves? I'll go ahead and start.

I'm German and have lived in Germany for most of my life, but spent 2 years in France, 2 in the UK and have been here in New York since October of last year. I'm having a good time here and I've found great friends here but I'm always curious to meet new people, expats and natives alike!

What made me come here? Actually I loved the idea of living in such a fast moving city like NY. It is a challenge to balance private and business life. Even though I - as for the moment - lose the battle and I am a bit fed up with my working hours I am still amazed when I walk through the streets. Do you know what I mean? If not ...... walk slowly along the wide avenues. Have a look up, realize how huge the buildings are compared to you. Rest a while. And then look down again.See how fast everybody is moving and then breathe.
It is so surreal ... but it is still so amazingly real. :)


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