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  • Daiki Saito

    When my company decided to send me to Essen, I took a quick look at the local community and said: Please do!

Living in Offenbach

“The Small Big City at the Main”, as Offenbach is sometimes referred to, is part of the Frankfurt/Rhine-Maine urban area, and has a population of just under 150,000 people. Expats living in Offenbach will find that life in the city, much like living in any new and unknown city, can be daunting and scary at first, but ultimately living as an expat in Offenbach abroad should be rewarding and exciting. Many people make the move overseas to get ahead at work, earn a promotion, or secure themselves financially for the future – for whatever reason you've made the decision to start living in Offenbach, you can find some helpful tips and hints from the community of expatriates on the InterNations website. There are forums and discussion threads dedicated to the various aspects of living abroad, with a large group of global minds offering their support and guidance to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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Moving to Offenbach

A place you can visit to get your bearings during a first visit to the city, and before you make the final decision on moving to Offenbach, is the German Leather Museum. Although that might sound silly when reading it at first, Offenbach was once the center of the leather industry for the whole of Europe, and it made some innovations in leather productions that were noticed all over the world. After you've absorbed all of the information you can from the museum, you can enjoy a picnic in the Büsing-Park, a fantastic area of lush greenery that contains the architectural marvel, the Büsingpalais. Nevertheless, moving to Offenbach, or any foreign city for that matter, can seem like a challenging prospect at first, which is why the creators of InterNations wanted to bring together a community of and for expatriates to make the transition and life abroad easier.

Working in Offenbach

It was only in the 1970s that Offenbach's economy stopped being led by the leather and machinery industry, although many leather products are still developed in the city today. These days, Offenbach's economy relies more on the services sector, and the headquarters of Honda, and Hyundai motors are also based in the center of the city. Once the center for European Typography, expats working in Offenbach will find that the city still has a large cluster of graphic design businesses within its outskirts. If you are working in Offenbach, but you feel like you're having trouble fitting in, you might be able to find someone on the InterNations forum who has had a very similar experience to your own. After leaving comments and posts, you can be sure that a like-minded expatriate will lend you a helping hand, and make you feel settled and welcome in Offenbach, Germany.

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May 22, 2024, 12:30 PM
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Let‘s meet for a nice business lunch near to Gendarmenmarkt, at the (...) Protected content (...) They have a new lunch menu, hopefully we can sit outside! We are looking forward to have a nice cha
May 22, 2024, 7:15 PM
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May 22, 2024, 7:30 PM
11 attendees
Dear members Tonight we dine at my favorite pub restaurant in the city and my local. As soon as you enter the Tattenbach Wirtshaus & Stüberls, you can feel the history floating on the walls and in
May 22, 2024, 7:30 PM
1 attendee
Laugh and or cringe at the raw material of comedians trying out their new jokes! Get your tickets at the following link: (...) Protected content (...)

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  • Daiki Saito

    When my company decided to send me to Essen, I took a quick look at the local community and said: Please do!

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