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Conscious Yoga (Oslo)


My name is Lucia. I am a yoga teacher and I would like to tell you about the course I teach which is called Conscious Yoga.
In my classes I combine simple yoga exercises, breathing , mindfulness, relaxation and meditation with visualization techniques.
Visualization is currently mostly used by athletes to improve their results, but can also be used to work on health-, relationship- and job-related issues. It is a very powerful and useful tool.
All these exercises help you to become aware of how our mind, our thoughts, our feelings and our inner dialogue determine our health and the quality of our lives.
Unlike in other yoga courses, more emphasis is put on the mind and consciousness than on the physical exercises; most of us know that exercising is important, but most people are not aware of the fact that their thoughts and beliefs have an much stronger impact on their well-being and on their daily lives than the actual exercising.
Conscious yoga makes you aware of your inner potential that you have not discovered yet.
It also teaches you how to handle stressful situations.
I teach groups as well as private classes. As I have only been in Norway for a few months, I am not able to teach the course in Norwegian yet (I am from Holland by the way), but I am working really hard on it, so that I can also offer this course in Norwegian next year!
If you would like to have more information, please have a look at my blog:
You can also have a look at my CV there.



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