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Unemployed need work in Oslo now: Please read!!!!

Hi, I looking for work in Oslo after moving from Tønsberg. My set up job was canceled. I speak pretty good Norsk, Background: Guidance counselor and instructor with teenagers and adults, working in schools, (responsible for organising and delivering careers guidance in schools with up to Protected content , units for troubled kids, plus special needs schools) and also advice centres supporting unemployed people and general advice work (housing, drugs, sexual health, social services).

Workplace coach, setting up and guiding students and employers to success on apprenticeships style courses, have worked with many different types businesses to support their hiring and training of young employees. Needless to say these jobs needed excellent communication skills, flexibility, understanding, knowledge of sales, project development, administration skills, sales, organising business breakfasts, working with a myriad of other professionals, both commercial, and doctors, social workers, teachers etc...

In Norway: House leader in a residential house and workplace supporting adults with special needs and some challenging behaviour (for the last year here).

In the UK I have also been... Wait for it....a student secondary teacher, funding bid developer and writer in the waste management industry, administrator, telesales worker, bartender, shopworker, market trader, security worker, factory worker, pizza cook, and even beach cleaner ( that was a nice summer, Kev the beach bum :)

I graduated from Uni in the nineties and also have advice and guidance and mentoring qualifications. I can sell ice cream to eskimos, and can be incredibly optimistic and cheerful, a great team worker, and a think out of the box 'why dont we try that' kind of guy (good in meetings ;) , but am finding it very difficult to find anything (using nav, finn, agencies etc...)

So...can anyone help? Or even better, gis a job mate! :) Can and will do respectable work to pay the rent... thanks ever so much. Kevin :D

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