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Working in Norway (Oslo)

Hey, I recently joined this community and was quite glad to see how people were circulating information. My aunt lives in Byremo, Norway. I had visited her last summer and I was completely enthralled with the Norwegian way of life, so i made a pact with her that in case i get good results in my final year of engineering, I would come to Norway and work. Now, I'm quite eager to start a new chapter in my life and am definitely not short on enthusiasm, but its evident that, that's not the only thing required for me to cut it in Norway. I was wondering if I could get help with finding a job. I have read quite a lot on the same and deduced that knowing the language is of prime importance and word-of-mouth is one of the main ways to find a job. I have started doing so, but I would be grateful if I would get any particular direction or path to make inroads. Just for information sakes, and in case I get lucky, I am in the final year of my bachelor's in engineering degree in electronics and telecommunication and have done a few internships. I don't know if this is the right or the wrong place to post this, so kindly excuse me if i have offended any rules or regulations. Any help with getting a job will be deeply appreciated. Thank you! :)

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