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Looking for new friends (Ottawa)

I am Cor from The Netherlands, male, 48 years. My common-law partner Monique and I have applied for a permanent residence visa some time ago. We hope to receive the good news within the next couple of months.
We have visited Ottawa in December and met some future partners to set up a business with. We will be back in April to finalize the negotiations. It is going to be an event management and organising company, just like we own in The Netherlands.
So, businesswise everything seems okay, but we know nobody in Ottawa on a personal basis and we strongly feel that it is important to have friends. Especially when moving to another continent.
Perhaps there is somebody out there who would be willing to help us out a bit by sharing his/her experiences with us and tell us about moving to and living in Canada and Ottawa in particular.
We would be happy with any kind of assistance and all help is highly appreciated.
Perhaps we can even meet in April. That would be great. I'll buy you a drink :-)
If there is anything we can do for one of you, then please do not hesitate to tell me so.

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,


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