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Seeking Business Partners for Intl Coffee Company (Palm Beach)

Seeking business partners interested in becoming distributors in our international coffee business. We will provide training for the right candidate - experience in food and beverage is not required. Candidate must be driven, a self-starter, have a decent sphere of influence, and be teachable and coachable. Very lucrative compensation structure with no income caps.

Here's the overview of our coffee company called Organo Gold (OG) and the opportunity. OG is currently being distributed in the United States and 33 other countries through a multi-level marketing strategy. In five years the company has gone from $0 to over $400 million in annual sales. The plan is to grow to $10 billion within 10 years. Here's why this works – the second most traded commodity in the world, after oil, is coffee. The reason this business works, and that it works well, is because it is simple, it's coffee, and the margins are very large and significant. In fact, 7 cents of coffee raw material (beans) is worth $15 in the retail environment. Those are huge margins.
Mikhail Shufutinsky is now a distributor in OG, and while his name means nothing to most in North and South America, Mikhail is a very popular and prominent Russian singer and entertainer. He spends about 10 months per year in Russia, performing and touring, and two months a year in the US relaxing and visiting his family here. Mikhail is returning to Russia this week to begin the full-scale roll out of our product in three different countries (Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan), and we will be working closely with him to open the other 12 former Soviet states for distribution of our coffee. It is his intention to leverage his celebrity and clout to not only endorse and promote the coffee, but to bring other key people into the business, who will help accelerate the distribution of the coffee. With his celebrity and clout, he will help us to quickly penetrate these markets. In Russia alone there are estimated to be 94,000,000 daily coffee drinkers, which makes the opportunity is enormous. As I mentioned, we are also poised to open additional countries, and opening a new country (or countries) with Organo Gold offers an incredible opportunity, as the potential for immediate and immense earnings the day the product is approved is significant with each new country.
If you recognize the significant opportunity presented here, you can get in front of that wave and have the potential to make significant income by leveraging his constant promotion of the coffee. Below is more information about Organo Gold Coffee:



Organo Gold is a 5 year old company that markets a line of healthy gourmet coffees and teas. The company grossed $9 million in sales year 1, $45 million in year 2, $152 million in year 3, $310 million in year 4, and just over $400 million in year 5. This growth is quicker than Starbucks and Google in their first four years. The company is selling product in 34 countries and products are certified USDA Organic, EcoCert, Fair Trade, Kosher, and Halal. The company has NO DEBT and operates debt free. The company's goal is to reach $1 billion in annual sales within the next 18 months and $10 billion within the next 5 years. The leadership team of the company includes Bernie Chua as CEO, Shane Morand as Global Master Distributor, and Holton Buggs as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.


Coffee is one of the most consumed beverage on the planet next to water. 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day. It is the most highly traded commodity on Wall Street after oil. 80% of the North American population over the age of 18 drinks coffee. Coffee is considered 'food' in the mind of consumers and, as such, fits into Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (food, shelter, clothing). It is not a luxury - it is a part of daily life. The company has created a model where those in its distribution organization earn income from continued re-order and consumption of coffee - true residual income vs. transactional income.


The brilliance of Organo Gold is that they have infused their drinks with ganoderma - also known as reishi - a healthy Chinese herb. Known as "the King of herbs" and “the mushroom of immortality,” ganoderma provides significant preventative as well as restorative health benefits. The end result is that Organo Gold gourmet coffee provides energy without jitters or crash, is Ph neutral instead of acidic, and hydrates instead of dehydrates. All Organo Gold products have the highest quality organic ganoderma infused. The products are extremely safe and have had zero FDA complaints in the 5 years of company existence.


The company has utilized a network marketing model to bring product to market with strong incentives for its distributors. This model of product rollout is the most cost-effective, the most efficient, and allows for extremely quick, viral growth. The company purposefully rolled the product out to market utilizing people who had virtually no reach and influence to validate the product, the distribution system, and the marketing model. After four years of validation, the company has moved to Phase 2, which is expanding the market to influential individuals and organizations. Some of the more notable recent additions to the organization include: Steve Wynn (Wynn Hotels) who just placed an initial order of 80,000 boxes of coffee; Greg Norman (golfer - "The Shark") who is rolling out a marketing campaign in Australia, UK, and Florida; Hawaiian Airlines that serves Organo Gold as their coffee of choice; Mikhail Shufutinsky (iconic legendary Russian performer) has just partnered with me and we are collectively rolling out a comprehensive marketing campaign to bring Organo Gold to Russia, Ukraine, and the balance of Eastern Europe. The opportunity is open to those who see the potential...

Here is a link to the video by Holton Buggs, our EVP of International Sales and Marketing, which gives a company overview:
The Coffee That Pays

Here is the link to Mikhail Shufutinsky's Organo Gold Distributor Information Page:

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We are building core leadership teams in each of the 33 countries outside of the US, as well as local teams. We are selective in who we bring to this team due to how rapidly we are expanding. You may contact me via message through this site to schedule an interview, or by calling 949.485.1672.

Most Sincerely,


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