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Music and Dance in Paris

Hey everyone, so I've been planning my trip to Paris for a year now. Had some set backs recently so I won't be arriving until beginning of February 09. I'll be attending university in February so I'll be in paris for quite some time.

I'm coming along with my sister and we both are singers. We sing R&B/Hip Hop/Dance/and a bit soulful Pop and we also dance hip hop, jazz and I'm also looking to do ballet.

So my main question is to any musicians in the same or similar genre, do you know any good managers or agents we could possible meet up with? And maybe we could chat, fill me in on the music scene in Paris, like best places to perform etc...

And to the dancers, what are some good dance classes around Paris that won't break the bank?

I'm also still apartment hunting, at the moment I'm looking for something temporary for February so once I arrive we can search locally for a place.

I hope someone or a few people can help me out with this
Thanks and Happy New Year

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