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Problem with landlady (Rabat)

I rented a room in a house with a three-month lease starting on April 3. When I paid the rent on May 3, the landlady told me that the family would be going to Marrakesh for three weeks in June; leaving Rabat on June 7. She said that I could not stay in the house while they were gone, but she would change the date that the lease ends from July 3 to August 3, with the option to renew if I wanted, since I would not be at the house in June. I moved into a hotel for the month of June and planned to move back to the house on July 3. Today I was talking to some friends who know the family and they told me that the family did not go to Marrakesh. Instead, the landlady had rented my room to someone else for more money even though I have a lease. Not only did the landlady lie to me, but her husband, her son and the maid lied to me. I do not want anything more to do with this family. I am going to stay with my friends until I find another place. I have sent an email to the American Consulate about this.
The landlady does not owe me any money, but do I have any legal recourse against her?

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