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Some questions reg. life in Morocco (Rabat)

Hello all,

I am a Belgian who has been globetrotting for the last number of years. I have lived in 6 countries now, only one was outside of the EU though: Turkey. It was a fantastic experience to immerse myself in a totally different culture, different way of life, ... Every single step outside, every look around you, everytime you talk to a stranger you meet, felt just like a new discovery. I miss that feeling and decided to start looking for a new non-European challenge, preferably in a country which is either Middle Eastern or has a Middle Eastern feeling. I have sent around CVs in a handful of countries that are of specific interest, and seem to have a positive reply from Morocco, from Tanger. The company seems trustworthy as I have found out from conversations and reviews, so basically there are just some questions I must get answered about life in Morocco before deciding upon the offer.

1) I was explained that renting an apartment would cost between Protected content 150 euro per month (I was explained in euro for some reason ...). I made it clear that I do prefer to live on my own rather than housesharing. The price would be very OK if this is correct, can anyone confirm that this is the correct pricing for the average (small) apartment?

2) I unfortunately suffer from mild autism and anxiety disorders, for which I have had psychotherapy in several stages of my life and for which I am still taking medication. While my mental health is much better now than it has been a while ago, I still would not want to be without the medication to keep things under control. The medication I take is Seroquel and Xanax.

Can anyone tell me if this medication is widely available in Morocco (upon prescription by a doctor of course)? I know a very few countries in the world would consider Xanax a drug, which is totally incorrect as it has little or no recreational effects and is given upon prescription only. In most countries the medication is officially recognised. Can anyone enlighten me upon the situation in Morocco?

Due to having Asperger Syndrome my behaviour and attitude can sometimes slightly vary from the "normal" behaviour, but this doesn't include any erratic or rude manners whatsoever. We talk more about motoric clumsiness, having problems with physical contacts or eye contacts, not reading body language very well. Are any problems to be expected or are Moroccans generally very accepting of people with similar issues?

3) I have hear just below shoulder length and wear a (tiny and sobre amount of) eyeliner. This has nothing to do with orientation, subcultural reasons or anything similar, it has a more personal symbolic meaning which also means I am quite attached to it. In Turkey it never ever caused problems (to the contrary, in Europe I experienced more verbal abuse because of it) and according to the people I talked to I should not experience any issues in Morocco neither. However, I would like to verify that, can anyone confirm if this is correct?

4) I am vegan. While here in Czech Republic where I live now, I eat Arabic food very frequently as it is so vegan-friendly, I would like to ask if vegan food is widely available in Morocco (both stores and restaurants)?

Thanks for any advice.

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