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The most reality career advice (Riyadh)


Surely you are familiar with the professional advice often used as: Do the work that you are passionate, Never stop pursuing your dream. Always try hard, ...

Recently, on a Manpower company's survey, a question was asked "What is the best career advice that no one has ever mentioned?". There are lots of interesting and reality answers maybe you haven't heard before. Here are the top ten answers.

1. When you start a new job, please agree with lunch or coffee invitation of new colleagues.

2. Do not pretend you’re very busy.

3. Willing to help others even if this does not bring any benefits to you.

4. When you want to develop a particular skill, learn from those who are proficient.

5. The weaknesses that you do not recognize will be detrimental to you the most.

6. Never reheat the fish in the microwave at work.

7. Boldly ask your boss/ superior about the problems that he/ she fears the most and try to solve them.

8. Do not concentrate on only one problem.

9. Arrogance, cockiness will kill your career.

10. Try to make the work of colleagues becomes easier: For example, you are participating in a major project with the contributions of many different people, try to accomplish your tasks and responsibility to make the work process becomes easier for the following people.

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