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Canadian Aviation Law Professional moving to Rome

Salute InterNations Rome,

I would like to seek your kind advice with regard to my (presumably imminent) relocation to Rome. I am Canadian and currently in Seoul, leading a Research and Consulting Team for an aviation consulting firm. Since my academic / professional background is a bit too particular, I was not sure where to begin with my search to work in Rome. To tell the truth, for some personal reasons, it was only recent that I had to urgently find a way to get to Rome, which is to join my sweetheart moving there as of this September for his study.

I used to live in Brussels working for the European Commission, Berlin and a few places in Denmark, etc. However, other than being a tourist, it is the first time I am exploring the city of Rome for a relatively long-term residence. To sum up, what matters for now is more the city itself than a 'custom-made' job for my qualification (though, it would be wonderful if I can find one in my trained area).

To cut to the chase, I am open to consider various possibilities in finding a position; so, in addition to my Air and Space Law background, I also have a Master's in International Studies (Specialization: International Trade Law / EU Area Studies). Thus, an academic research / teaching position will be as great, because I hear that a lot of universities in Europe are offering courses in English nowadays.

Your advice of any sort will be a great help to further up my search, and eventually may I be able to embark on my journey "to Rome with Love"! :)

Many thanks!

P.S. Please drop a line with your comments and inquiries for more information. Upon request, my CV may also be available.

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