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Posting for a friend: Summer au pair available (Rome)

I realize it is quite early to be posting this, but I figured some families might like to get their plans set early! I have an American friend, Caroline, 21 years old, who is planning to come to Italy next summer, and she wants to work as an au pair (for an Italian family only). She'll be available beginning June 7 and plans to stay until the end of July (this may possibly be extended to a couple of weeks in August). She has to be back at school before the end of August, so this is why her stay will be pretty short.

Caroline is a student at my alma mater, the University of the South, a very reputable liberal arts school in Tennessee. She has extensive experience working with children and families, as she was a part-time nanny for five years, a camp counselor for several years, and a kindergarten teaching assistant for one year. She is not set on being in any one area of Italy and is of course willing (and excited!) to travel with families on holiday. She wants to become integrated into a family, to help the children learn English and play with them, and to have a great intercultural experience. She's definitely willing to work on English with the family, but also hopes to get a chance to practice Italian, since she's been studying it for 2 years in college. Of course, as a young American in her 20s she also hopes for a certain level of independence; she may want to travel some weekends or go out in the evenings when it doesn't conflict with her responsibilities.

I've agreed to meet with Rome-based families for Caroline to get an idea of what they are looking for; then I will gladly put the family in contact with her. If you or any Italian families you know might be interested, please send me a message and we can set something up. Thank you!

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