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Cow Parade in San José

Have you visited the Cow Parade in San José?
Which cow was your favorite?
What do you think of how the general public reacted tot he cows?
Would you like to see more events like these? Any suggestions on what, how, when, where?

Personally I haven´t had the chance to do the route per se, but have run into most of the cows while doing errands in San José. It truly has been a GREAT event for the city, an example of how we can appropriate public spaces! Although there has been vandalism, I really thought it was going to be terrible, warranting a prompt removal of the cows. I loved to watch the first couple weekends how the city was inundated by happy families, bright eyed kids acknowledging maybe for the first time in their lives a piece of art (there is art all around the city, bu many times it goes unnoticed). What was going through their minds? Will they remember the cows later on? Will they have an impact on their appreciation of art expressions? Will we hear stories in the future about thriving young artists who where inspired by the cow parade?

I was also surprised that they did not set up a souvenir booth earlier on. They surely missed out on the hype of the first weeks!

Well, Cow Parade will be with us until August, so I invite you to gear up for a friendly morning in San José and embark on an adventure of cow- and people-watching!

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