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Interest in opportunities around Sao Paulo (São Paulo)

Hello everyone

My name is Barbara Obrusznik. I am a 23-year-old student from Poland, of both Polish and German nationality. In June this year I will get a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy, specialty Social Communication. My goal after that is to find an internship (while being enrolled to another university)/job in Brazil that would be somehow related to my area of studies and/or my previous experience.

Throughout 3 years of university I have had a lot of classes related not only to general philosophy but also to philosophy, psychology and design of communication, negotiation and multimedia. I have also spent 6 months studying abroad at the University of Valencia in Spain, where I had classes in Spanish.

Currently I am living and working in Germany, in Munich, where I can also practice and improve my German. Since I graduated high school I have had a number of jobs, including some that inspired me a lot. I have also had some that were strictly temporary. All of them were very enriching and gave me a really valuable experience in client servicing, presentation, training/facilitating, marketing and selling. The ones I enjoyed the most were probably my two internships, the first one in Front Desk Management at a hostel and the second one in Event Production for music (concerts), because they involved a lot of different tasks and responsibilities and required me to be creative and have a very problem solving attitude.

If you have any ideas/thoughts, please reply :)

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