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Large Condominios near Granja Julieta? (São Paulo)

we are a family with three children moving to SP in a couple of months and are looking for apartments. I find it hard to get an understanding of the different condominios and their characteristics (number of buildings, size of area, number of pools, playgrounds, etc.).

Does anyone know of any listing of condominios with this type of information? Or, if people have condominios to recommend I'd be grateful to receive any advice. We are looking for a larger-sized condominio since we would like the area to be decently large to move around on. We are looking for a condo with a good infrastructure for children, pool, playgrounds, and all that. With quite large apartments (4 bedrooms). And all this in the area of Granja Julieta, north/western Santo Amaro, Brooklin or Bernini. Also, we have visited the Casa Grande condo, which is very nice although too far from our childrens school, but something like that in the named areas... Maybe impossible to find... Thanks for any help!

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