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Seeking English Teaching Opportunities (São Paulo)


Hello All,

I am avidly looking for an English teaching position in Sao Paulo, and would love to receive information from either those who are teaching/have taught before, or those who are from English schools and are looking for teachers.

I will admit that I am currently still in the States (Texas), however I am looking to move to Sao Paulo in the upcoming months, and would like to start the process of connecting with others and looking for a teaching job beforehand.

I am mostly curious about schedules, salary, and teacher requirements, but I would love any advice or suggestions that you feel are important.

I am very interested and serious about pursuing an English teaching position in Sao Paulo, and would be more than willing to complete any requirements or certifications needed. I am looking at going to Sao Paulo at the end of the summer to personally meet with anyone and to begin familiarizing myself with the city and Portuguese, and would love to meet with anyone interested.

Any advice or suggestions are very much welcome. If you are interested in receiving my resume and discussing any positions further, please feel free to respond to this post, or e-mail me directly at Protected content

Thank you all for your time!


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