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[Seoul&Bundang]★English Instructor☆ ECK


Position #273
• Type: Business English Skill Class/ group/ (Negotiation, Cross culture, Global meeting conference)
• Level: Intermediate
• Location: Samsung st.(line 2, 삼성역)
• Days & Time: Tue/Thu) 7:40am. ~ 8:30am.
• Stating date : 9th July Protected content at the end of December
• Qualification: Native-speaking instructor only

Position #274
• Type: English Interviewing applicants / group around 20
• Location: Seohyeon.(Line Yellow Bundang Line, 서현역)
• Days & Time: Thurs / exact time will be announced shortly
• Stating date : 11th July Protected content
• Qualifications : English interviewing experience required

Position #275
• Type: General English Conversational Class/ 1:3(1adult, 2children) /
• Level: beginner
• Location: Sindorim st.(line 2+7, 신도림역)
• Days & Time: Tue/Thu) 2:30~4:30pm. Or 7:00~9:00pm. *each class last for an hour
• Stating date : 5th July Protected content 15th August Protected content
• Other info: Students are mother and her 2 children (8yrs, 10yrs.) It is an hour class so we can negotiate the time.
Protected content
Position #256
• Type: Business Skill English/ Japanese student 1:1
• Location: Gongdoek st.(line Protected content sky, 공덕역)
• Days & Time: Sat. 10:30am ~ 12:00pm.
• Stating date : ASAP

Position #121
• Type: General English Class/ group/ (Negotiation, Cross culture, Global meeting conference)
• Level: Advanced
• Location: Boramae st.(line 7, 보라매역)
• Days & Time: Wed/Fri 12:30pm.~13:30pm.
• Stating date : 17th July Protected content at the end of December

Position #246
• Type: English Conversational Class/ 1:1/ (Negotiation, Cross culture, Global meeting conference)
• Level: Advanced Intermediate
• Location: Jonggak st.(line 1, 종각역)
• Days & Time: Tue/Thu) 8:30-9:30am
• Stating date : 19th July Protected content
• Qualification: F-2, F-6 Visa holding Native-Speaking Instructor required

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If you have any questions about this position, please contact us of Protected content or Protected content

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I'm looking forward to hear from you.

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