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Looking for a Macbook, preferably used (Shanghai)

Hi everyone,
my daughter is a student at SCIS and last sememster her macbook got stolen. We are currrently looking for another macbook to purchase, but we would prefer to buy an used one, since the new ones are really pricey. The model they are using in school is the white one, but we are happy with any kind of macbook just as long as it is maximum Protected content old and still functioning, and with the basic programs that they use in school. I know also the other international schools use a similar macbook to the one used in SCIS, so maybe if you know someone that is leaving and want to sell their mac even if they are from other schools thats okay. Also other sources, non students, is fine as well. Does anyone know where I can buy one or do you know someone that is selling theirs? If you do please reply here and then we can email to discuss prices and etc. Thank you

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