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Shanghai Shopper is a platform for expats in China to buy and sell products. Purchase exclusive products (local or exports) at reasonable prices or set up a shop from your company, warehouse, home, or trunk and start selling to more than 1,000,000 expats in China.

The number of expats in China is expected to grow to over a million in the coming years. Shanghai Shopper is an eCommerce platform that is designed for merchants to meet the needs of the expat community in China. As a team consisting of expats as well as locals, we wholeheartedly understand the difficulties foreigners have when trying to purchase products online at reasonable prices, especially when everything is written in Chinese characters. That is why we have created this eCommerce site in English! Our hope is that sellers will take advantage of this platform and begin offering reasonably priced products to the expat community.

Starting an online business can be lucrative, rewarding and a source of pride for many. The problem of course is where to start in the process. A key question for many is what product should be sold and then this is followed by questions about the amount of time it takes to get started.

Fortunately, if you’re an expat in China or a local who has lived overseas, you’ve probably got some unique know how by virtue of having been brought up or living in a different culture that you can easily sell in an online shop at Shanghai Shopper in minutes. Check out some of these ideas that will literally have you setting up your shop tonight:

Baking: Can you bake a cake, cookies or make chocolate? Several of my friends who are expats make some of the best brownies reminiscent of my mother’s secret recipe (well, close enough). If you can bake, you can set up a shop selling things that you can bake. It’s that simple. All you need is an oven and some basic ingredients (i.e cake mix) and packaging that you can get at Lianhua or Walmart supermarkets. ShunFeng Express can help with guidelines for shipping food items.

Drawing: Can you draw well? Can you create artwork that is representative of your home culture? If so, you’ve just come up with another brilliant business idea for your online store. Sell your artwork! Expats are keen to purchase artwork to decorate their living spaces.

Making handicrafts: Can you make trinkets, jewelry or other items? If you answered yes, then you’re seconds away from making your own online store. These items make wonderful gifts at Valentines Day or for a friend or loved one’s birthday. Again, if you can add elements of your home culture into these works, you’ll increase the value and demand for your handicrafts.

Designing clothing: Are you good at knitting or sewing? The market is wide open when it comes to clothing. Clothing designed by expats brings culture, value and uniqueness to online shop scene that will make your store stand out from the rest.

Teaching (English): Are you a teacher? Make PDF books teaching key language or PowerPoint presentations with key vocabulary and grammar. Upload them to your store and start selling immediately. Or here is an idea. Look for one to one students using the online shop platform. You might be good a teaching other subjects (e.g. football) so it might be worth including those as well.

Supporting Expats: (HSK manuals, Driving license test practice, apartment guides etc.): Have you been living here for a while – a very long while? Maybe you know where the best apartments are or tips to pass the HSK or driving test. Start typing up everything you know into Microsoft Word and save as PDF. Upload pictures of your books to your online shop and start selling your knowledge for profit.

Repairing broken things: Are you good a fixing broken mobile devices or broken furniture? Create a shop and let everyone know your rates.

Growing plants: Are you good at planting flowers or growing vegetables? If you said yes, you’re well on your way to making your first shop selling organic fruit and vegetables or flowers for a special occasion.

Programming: Can you make awesome apps? How about webpages? Post your services on our platform because local businesses are always keen to look for developers with international experience. If you’ve worked in Silicon Valley or have a portfolio of applications that you’ve developed in the past, let everyone know on your shop page. That will give you the necessary credibility to gain your customers’ trust.

Writing: Have you got some interesting stories that you’ve been meaning to publish? Publish them on Shanghai Shopper and keep 100% of the profit in your pocket!

There are a cornucopia of other opportunities for selling items as well. You can set up your shop here: Protected content

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