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Fitnees background and confident speaker sought (Singapore)

On behalf of an alliance partner, Mellissa, who has successfully secured provision of healthy eating and fitness programs for the Community Centres in Singapore through the PA but... is due to give birth when the programs are running...

So now she is looking for someone (or multiple someones) to help me run these courses.

Mellissa will provide course content and any required materials and train instructors on how to run the courses. But she need someone who has experience with speaking in front of groups and has an outgoing personality. For the 'Let's Get Physical' course, need someone who has a fitness background too.

The course times vary. Some weekdays, some weekends, some day time, some evenings.

Healthy Eating for Busy People
Learn how to eat healthy while on the run! In today's world, we are all so busy and our health tends to suffer because we don't have time to feed our bodies the goodness that it needs. In this workshop we will cover:
- What is healthy eating?
- How do we get all the nutrients we need?
- Do we need vitamin supplements?
- Menu Planning (for singles and families)
- Tips for preparing easy, healthy meals
Duration: 1 session @ 2 hours

Let's Get Physical
It's time to dust off your running shoes and get moving! This is your opportunity to get fit and have fun at the same time. Our fitness games will keep you laughing and smiling so much that you wont even realise you are exercising! In the first session, we will discuss the importance of keeping active and provide tips on how you can include more physical activity into your busy lives. Then we'll get stuck into the fun and games! Every session will be different.
Duration: 4 sessions (1 session per week) @ 1 hour (ea)

Family Fitness
Get fit with your kids! The best way to encourage your kids to be active is to do it with them. This class has been designed in such a way that parents and kids can get a good workout and have fun at the same time. Fun for the whole family!
Duration: 1 session @ 1.5 hours

Stress Management
Find out how you can use exercises to help you manage stress. This interactive session is part workshop and part physical activity! We'll show you how including exercise into your daily routine can be a great stress reliever and share many tips and techniques with you on how to combat the many stresses that life entails.
Duration: 1 session @ 2 hours

I will pay $100 per session for the Healthy Eating, Family Fitness & Stress Management courses and $200 for the LGP (4 wk) course.

Please drop me a message in the first instance and I will connect you with Mel.

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