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Interior Design / Architecture : practicum (Singapore)

I am looking for a student industry placement/practicum in Architecture/Interior Design companies.

I am taking a BA in Design (Interior Design) course here in Melbourne. I am approaching my final year and it's now time for me to look for a student industry placement. I would love to be working overseas to give me exposure on how a foreign design company works and to immerse myself into a different culture within a work environment.

Just wondering whether you're able to offer any leads? I am targetting Interior Design companies AND Architecture firms. Alternatively, any organisation/private individual offering a substantial project.

In order to comply with my Uni requirements, the placement will have to be, at least, for 24 weeks (roughly 6 months), 4-days per week. I cannot see why a 5-days per week arrangement could not be arranged, if necessary. I can start week commencing 12 August. I need an offer that includes a student allowance to cover wholly/partly my stay outside my permanent residence.

I would be very grateful for any leads/useful information you many offer.


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