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Job in insurance sector (claims executive) motor (Singapore)


I dearly hope that the folks here could help.

I will be marrying a Sabahan girl come September and i will be on the LTSVP from there on.

It is bought to my attention that Insurance sector jobs are well paid in Singapore and that in Singapore securing a job is not as hard as it is in Malaysia.

However I intend to stay in JB because the LTSVP allows me to stay at Malaysia and its a must, because the registration happens in Kota Kinabalu im allowed to leave the country provided that in 6 months i extend my LTSVP at KK.

Anyway to the topic now, I was wondering if anyone here is working for the insurance sector in Singapore and if so could you please advise if the below skill set of mine would fit in Singapore and if it is possible can you direct me to any opportunities that I could use.

Working for a UK based Solicitor Firm in Sri Lanka which is the Offshore office of the firm in the UK.

I am specifically trained to deal matters within the motor industry.

I assess liability and prospects of success within each claim and advise party's accordingly within the given limitations.

I am also trained to value each injury element of a claim in case of an injury.

I contact insurers/ clients/ suppliers on a daily basis.

Manage my client's expectations.

I draft my own court papers and get the onshore litigation clerks to sign the documents.

Apart from this i have worked for HSBC, British Council, a few months at a Advertising firm, Dialog Axiata.

I possess a total of 5 years of experience can anybody tell me if my venture is good enough I am hoping for a successful career path.

Thank you,

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