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Looking for company for my thesis in Logistics (Singapore)

Hi there!

I am currently studying for my bachelors degree in logistics at HZ university in the Netherlands. Next semester, starting February, i need to find a company within the logistics sector (or any company that is actively involved with logistics) to write my thesis. I was hoping you (Yes you, the one reading this) might be able to bring me into contact with a logistics manager within your company.

I have been in Singapore due to a 6-month exchange program already and studied and lived there. In addition, i traveled extensively throughout Asia, and did a 3-week teaching program in Nanjing China. Secretly, i fell in love with Singapore and i can see myself living there in a few years. Getting my internship would be a great start in realizing this dream!

Sadly i don't have any direct contacts within a company in Singapore and the job market is a mess at the moment. Because my request is rather specific there are currently no matching openings. This means i will have to contact managers directly and hopefully my resume will not end up in someone's spam folder.

Last years, the thesis subjects were quite broad, ranging from improving a production line to reduce lead times to doing a research on the effects of digging a new waterway. This of course all depends on the company, and the assignment should be written in discussion.

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