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Looking Japanese/English Speaking DBA/Storage Prof (Singapore)

Bilingual with atleast JLPT2 or JLPT3
5 Years Experience with Oracle
Oracle database 11g and future releases
MS SQL server Protected content future releases
Oracle RAC Management Preferred - not mandatory

2) DB2 DBA
Bilingual with atleast JLPT2 or JLPT3
3-5 Years Experience with DB2
DB2 udb 9.5 and future releases

3) Storage Admin
Bilingual with atleast JLPT2 or JLPT3
More than 3 Years experience with storage hardware and server operating systems platforms (AIX, HPUX, SLES, VMware and Windows)
Storage concepts: RAID, TOPS, Throughput, FCAL, iSCSI, MPIO
SAN Switch features: Zoning, Fabric creation, Fabric extension, Fabric Activation/Deactivation, VSAN, Trunking
LUN Creation, LUN Masking, Hostgroup, volume creation, LUN extension/sharing
Storage replication concepts: Snapshots, 5napclone,LUN/Volume replication (Continuous access)
Storage archiving concepts: D2D, B2D, D2T, VLS
Storage variants in scope:
EMC Symmetrix VMAX/DMX, EMC Celerra NS480
HP EVA8xxx/6xxx series, NetApp FAS 2xxx/3xxx/6xxx series, IBM DS8xxx series
Storage hardware platforms in scope:
EMC Symmetrix VMAX and future releases
EMC Celerra NS480 and future releases
HP EVA4100, EVA6100, EVA Protected content future releases
NetApp FAS6280/3020/3160C/ Protected content future releases o IBM DS Protected content
Cisco MDS Protected content of SAN Director Switches o Brocade SAN Switches
Fiber cables - LC-LC, SC-SC, GBIC

4) Web/Middleware Admin - IBM Websphere
Bilingual with atleast JLPT2 or JLPT3
IBM IHS, WebSphere Application server & WebSphere MQ, IBM WMB (websphere message broker), IBM TX Series for Multiplatform,
Cognos 8, IBM TWS, IBM HATS,
IBM EDI administartion
Must have experience on Tomcat and Apache
Required technologies & technical know-how:
WebSphere Application Server (WAS) 6.1 / 7 /8 and future releases
WebSphere MQ 5.3 / 6.0 / 7 and future releases
IBM HTTP Server (IHS) 6.x / 7 and future releases
IBM Cognos 8 /and Future releases
IBM WMB, IBM HATS, IBM TXseries for Multiplatform and IBM EDI
IBM TWS 8.4 / and future releases
Microsoft IIS 6 / 7 / 7.5 and future releases
Apache HTTP Server 2.x and future releases
Apache Tomcat 5.x / 6.0 and future releases
Preferred - not mandatory
Perl/Shell/batch scripting for monitoring and automation of tasks
CA SiteMinder authentication
Unix and DBA skills

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