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Restaurant consultant seeking interested parties (Singapore)

I am "returning to SG in late November.
I am marrying a wonderful Singaporean Lady, widow and widower respectively., when we return to SG in the fall.

My extensive restaurant background, spans over 40 years working in the restaurant industry in the US, in varied cuisines as a chef, saucier, garde mangier, Maitre D', including many years of FOH and BOH experience. Training crews from Texas BBQ joint, American South West to Haute Cuisine, with table-side cooking, French and Russian, replete with the wine knowledge inherent therein, and everything in between those two far points.
I noticed, through personal research, that there are operations that cater to the expat communities throughout SG. Some to Americans, or acquired American tastes, garnered in subsequent visits/stays, in the US
Having tried a number of them, I find a lacking, if you will, of an "authentic" American flair, and, specifically, flavors, of the true Southwest (Texas) especially, and Tex-Mex. BBQ specifically, steaks, ribs, and the necessary accoutrements. With a few "notable" exceptions on the "high end".
As a "retired" chef, owner, worker in the industry, I have never lost my "burning passion" for the industry nor shall I, I would imagine.
I would be fascinated in discussing the possibility of working with an investor/investors, in starting or consulting, for or in, such a venture. With an eye on fairly rapid expansion of multiple units, utilizing the proverbial "cookie cutter" methodology, "if it aint broke don't fix it" approach. The "average man" interest outweighs the availability, creating it's own niche. IMHO, from talking to the "average" Singaporean and the circle of friends and family I have in SG, as well as their respective circles.
The KISS method does truly apply. Keep it as "simple" as is possible without sacrificing quality, make it easily repeatable.
One of the most glaring things readily noticeable to me, as well as a common complaint, that I've heard often in SG, is something lacking in "service" in the service industry. This is just a matter of a proper rigid training program that instills a sense of honest synergy/respect, between employee, employer, management, and the client. A finely choreographed dance, if you will.
I've tried to be succinct without sacrificing sufficient initial/vital information necessary to pique interest among those who may come across this particular post.
This is just a "first" excursion, testing the water.
Thank You Sincerely, for reading this first draft opening. If it sparks any interest, please, feel free to contact me.
Harris A Byerley
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