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Visit Singapore - job opportunities/advice

Hi everyone,

I am a qualified accountant currently living in the United Kingdom looking to relocate to Singapore, and I would appreciate any advice on the below.

I will be in Singapore for a two week holiday to maximise my opportunity of securing a job in Singapore. During my visit, I plan to:
- meet with local recruiters to take full advantage of my time in Singapore;
- organise meetings/interviews with employers;
- understand local regulations, banking, accommodation, etc. to ensure a swift and efficient move to Singapore.

I am a qualified accountant who has worked in an international financial services company for 3.5 years. I am looking for an Accountant or Financial Analyst position in a multinational company in Singapore.

Does anyone have any advice as to how I can maximise my trip to Singapore? I have emailed recruiters to arrange meetings, but I was wondering whether there are any networking events that I could attend, for instance? Has anyone else done this before and have any advice?

Thanks all,


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