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Should I leave in Skopje?


Hello everyone

I seek your opinion because I have an important choice to do and I hope that you could help me.

My company proposes me a mission of 1 year in Skopje and I would like to know your opinion about this city and the country in general. Currently I work in Martinique (a french island in the Caribean).
I am 26 and I like to practice sports, to go out for a drink with friends, to practice activities in nature. I also really like cultural events : arts, musique...

What do you think about Skopje. Do you think that it's a nice place to live?

I would like live in collocation with foreign people of my age grade. Is it easy to find a collocation with expat people which are aproximatively bettween 25 and 30 years hold?

Are they a lot of expat in Skopje. Is it easy to meet new people and to join a social network?
Are they many activities to do in and around Skopje? Which kind of activities it is?

It would be really helpfull if you could give me your opinion about all of these apects because I am really undecided.

Thnak you very much for your help


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