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Briton with Surprisingly Good Russian? (St. Petersburg)

Come on over, we’ve got a job for you.

You've been in Russia for a while already.
A native British English speaker, your Russian is surprisingly good.

You got bored of the teaching thing. You eventually got a job through a friend, and that's kept you busy of late.
But you can't help feeling that it's all a bit ephemeral.
You want something to get your teeth into. A challenge that will last.

You want a real job with a successful IT company, in its own amazing new office building, with steady working hours. An IT company that has its own cafe with a daily menu; that's just opened offices in the UK; that's going somewhere.
A place where your skills will be valued – perhaps a job where you can use that hard-earned Russian language of yours on a daily basis, translating and interpreting.

Yes, that's it,
the kind of place that hires a proper translation team to get stuff translated.

The kind of place that'll give you a private medical policy from day 1, and a RUB 75k salary, so that you can feel confident in the long-term future of your life here in Russia.

Eclectic Translations is hiring an in-house translation team for a St. Petersburg-based IT company.
Contact William at Eclectic, to convince us that you’re the person for the job. And please, no CVs. Really.

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