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Working in Russia ... lovely bureaucracy :) (St. Petersburg)

дорогие друзья,

I have passed the first two interviews (the technical ones) with a small IT company in SPB.
In 2 weeks I will have the last one (I hope!) with the manager, who has expressed their concerns about the complicated process needed to hire a foreigner.

Does anybody of you have up to date info about the steps needed? The time that it takes?
Where could I have info in the internet?
(No problem if it is in Russian, with my incredible level of Tolstoy's language, and my friend google translator, I will be able to understand something).

Of course I have started looking for info on my own. Just wanted to try here. Just in case any of you is friend of the immigration minister who can help to speed up the process :)

Спасибо большое!


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