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Langage Exchange English-French (Stockholm)

i am a french native speaker. I propose to make a french-english language exchange
I would like to improve my english language , especially the speaking( expanding vocabulary and ameliorating fluency ) and writing for both private and professional reasons. Of course, we are using english in every moments here in the daily life but i would like to have a moment to practice and go further with someone who is correcting my errors and give me some new ways to express myself.
It would be great to find someone interested in french language as well. We could exchange some talking and writing ( One hour french/one hour english) and for example choose one newspaper article or an extract of a book and make it the basis of the conversation.
I actually did this when i was living in Turkey, exchanging Turkish-French , and it was a very efficient way to learn.
Hope to hear from anyone interested!
Have a nice day.

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