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Sydney Housing Advice - Utilities


Hi All,

Rather than answer requests individually, I thought I would put some advice in threads for people to view as they need. Each part of the advice will be in the title. As written this post will contain some advice about organising utilities (Power, Gas, Water, Telephone, Internet etc...) - I hope it helps

Utilities (Energy/Gas):

This site allows you to tailor what your energy/gas usage may be and will list a range of preferred suppliers in the area you are looking to move to:

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This site will find the best deal for you when you contact them and let them know your intended place of residence:

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The following site allows you to select the best option for your broadband, depending on which provided supplies the area you wish to live:

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This site helps your find the best home telephone and broadband packages, and most providers offer further discounts if you include your mobile telephone on the plan.

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I hope this helps a small amount. If there is anything specific that you would like more information on please don't hesitate to message me.


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