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Business Visa for Uzbekistan! (Tashkent)


For a while now I am trying to acquire a non-tourist visa for Uzbekistan to remain in Tashkent for at least half a year.
First I was going for a visitor's visa but friends of mine told me that it's not that easy and it always goes along with red tape.
My intention was getting a visitor's visa for three months and do a visa-run afterwards to Turkmenistan or Kazakhstan.

Now a friend of mine told me a business-visa is not related to much paperwork and valid for about half a year.
But I don't have any business-contacts or knowledge how to be entitled for business-visas.

Does anyone of you have an idea how I could get this type of visa?

If it helps somehow: I am Engineer of Software Development and Photographer. My citizenship is Austrian.

Thank you!

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