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  • David Hicks

    With InterNations I've even met fellow Aussies down here in Togo. I couldn't believe this, mate! :)

Employment in Togo

Economic Overview

Togo’s economy is developing quickly, with five per cent growth recorded by the country in 2012. Most of the nation’s population work in agriculture, but a third of the Togolese people still live below the poverty line.

Recent years have seen the cotton industry come to the forefront in Togo and it is now one of the country’s biggest exports, along with coffee and cocoa. Togo also has strong reserves of some important commodities, with phosphate the one the country is perhaps best known for.

There are also reserves of marble and limestone to be found in Togo, with the mining sector one of the industries to be fuelling economic growth in Togo in the 21st century, with foreign investment becoming increasingly common, too.

Job Hunting in Togo

Careers in Africa is one of the best places for expats seeking to find work in Togo, with jobs advertised by some of the biggest, best, and most successful companies in Africa.

Togo Presse is one of the largest newspapers in the West African country and jobs are sometimes advertised in its pages, with other media sources including A Lomé.

The ECOWAS development fund is in Lomé and opportunities for expats may be found there as well.

Work Permits for Togo

Receiving a work permit for expats who are relocating to Togo is relatively simple compared to in a lot of countries around the world, and an individual’s new employer will be able to arrange it in many cases.

In effect, expats moving to Togo receive sponsorship from their employer, which is used to generate a work permit for the duration of their stay. Anyone switching to a new company after arriving in Togo for work will need to arrange a new work permit as well.

Arranging work permits for employees is therefore relatively straightforward, but anyone considering contracting work in Togo may find it more of a challenge to keep their official documents up to date.

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  • David Hicks

    With InterNations I've even met fellow Aussies down here in Togo. I couldn't believe this, mate! :)

  • Elena Melkinov

    Thanks to the InterNations Lomé Community, I had the chance to find a decent health-care provider for Togo.

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