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Senegalese housekeepers looking for new families (Tunis)

Looking for new families for two lovely Senegalese cooks/babysitters/housekeepers, Emma and Fransisca. Fransisca was my cook and housekeeper for the better part of a year, and I was very happy with her. She has a great attitude, is reliable (even to check up on your house when you are away), is great with children, and cooks great mafé, yassa, thieboudienne, caldou, gombo, etc. Emma also came highly recommended by a diplomatic family from the US Embassy, and she too is great with children, a fantastic cook and housekeeper -- and she can get by in English. Both were sponsored domestic employees of AfDB staff. Now with the Bank's return to Abidjan, they are looking for new families in Tunis.
Please call them - Emma - Protected content Fransisca - Protected content .

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