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A Comprehensive Guide on Moving to Uganda

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  • Peter Okello

    I did a lot of research before moving to Kampala, but InterNations provided me with the most relevant connects among all sites.

Relocating to Uganda

The Land and Its People

Uganda is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of Africa’, and is located at the heart of the African continent. Its official languages are Swahili and English. Known as a cultural melting pot, moving to Uganda will expose you to a wealth of diverse music, food, social life, arts and crafts.

Upon moving to Uganda, you’ll discover the country is made up of four main regions: Central, Eastern, Northern and Western, each with their own unique charms. The entire population is currently at around 38.8 million people. Uganda is also home to 30 different indigenous languages.

There are plenty of things to see and do in Uganda, from sampling local cuisine to taking part in exciting activities such as bungee jumping and rafting. You can also go horseback riding and experience traditional music and dance.

The Climate in Uganda

If you’re moving to Uganda, you might be pleased to hear the country is home to a very tropical climate, with long spells of rain most common during the months of March to May, and October to November (light rain season). In-between these two periods are Uganda’s dry seasons.

Throughout most of the year, Uganda is warm and sunny, with temperatures at an average of 26°C – very rarely reaching above 29°C. Because of the temperature, we recommend expats opt for lightweight clothing and a warm cover-up to wear in the evenings. A good pair of walking shoes or boots is also wise, along with long-sleeved tops to help prevent mosquito bites.

Although it’s situated on the equator, Uganda is still more temperate than some of its surrounding areas, mainly thanks to its altitude. Most of the country is situated on a plateau, with a mountainous rim, making it more suited to agriculture. This also makes it less prone to tropical diseases than other nations close by.

Visas for Uganda

If you require a visa for moving to Uganda, it is recommended that you complete and submit your visa application well ahead of your departure date. Single entry visas remain valid for three months after the date they are issued and cost 50 USD on arrival in Uganda.

Multiple entry visas can also be obtained for six months. If you wish to apply for an extended multiple entry visa (12 months, 24 months or 36 months) you must apply at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Kampala. Overstaying the length of your visa means you will be subject to a fine of 30 USD per day, along with possible legal action.

For more information detailing work permits and visas for travelling to Uganda, please visit the website or get in touch with your nearest Ugandan embassy. Overseas, there is currently a total of 30 embassies and high commissions maintained by Uganda, along with 39 consulates and other representations.

Kampala, the Ugandan capital, is currently home to 42 embassies and high commissions, and an additional 20 consulates.

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  • Peter Okello

    I did a lot of research before moving to Kampala, but InterNations provided me with the most relevant connects among all sites.

  • Heather Allard

    I connected with several other expats here in Uganda. Some of them did not only become good friends, but also customers of my own business.

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