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Housing and job search near Uppsala


I will soon be moving to Sweden for a few years (at least) due to some long term medical treatment I will get done in Uppsala.

I was actually born there, but we moved out when I was four (twenty nine years ago), so I'm having to relearn the language (I know it's going to explode once I'm there, having to use it, and taking proper classes).

I can crash with a family friend when I arrive, but I'm trying to prepare to stop being a burden for anyone as soon as possible. As the title says, I'm in need of advice/help on finding a job and housing.

I will probably have to go to the hospital only once or twice a month, and I will need to save for some procedures that I will still have to pay from my pocket (and they're not cheap), so affordable housing (and my general aversion to big cities) takes precedence over proximity to the hospital. Which areas/towns near Uppsala should I be looking at in order to find something with a lower rent, even if it means a longer commute? I don't mind a long bike ride, quite the contrary.

When it comes to work, even though I have experience and qualifications that would get me a good job (or even work on my own), my current level of Swedish limits me to less skilled jobs that don't require a lot of talking (at least not in Swedish, I do speak three other languages). I'm not in a position to consider myself above any task, and my condition does not limit me physically. Any advice or contacts to help me find a job in or near Uppsala? I've worked in the tourism industry, in customer service, and in IT, but I'll take anything. I enjoy learning new things.

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