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Your Opinion about apartment rentals in Vancouver

Hi everybody,

I'm currently looking for apartment rental solution in the Vancouver area (not only downtown as I know it's the most expensive area both with Kitsilano).
I'll be soon in Vancouver with my husband and when browsing the ads on several websites I realise that finding an independent accomodation under CAD$ Protected content impossible & when trying to find a shared accomodation, I often read "suitable for 1 single person".
I'm not definitely against house or apartment sharing but as I've already experienced it, I think it doesn't suit me.
I'm easy-living but I cannot accept roomates stealing my food in the shared fridge or using all hot water, and not paying for it, or partying at night while I have to wake up early the day after...and so on...And now I want to settle with my husband, I think it is quite difficult to give up one's privacy for money reasons.

Does anyone currently living in Vancouver or having recently lived there, want to share his/her opinion or experience?


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