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Check out what I found recently! (Venice)

Hi, guys, I recently discovered a very useful and free service. The site is Protected content , but you do not have to register. All you need is a phone and a free or cheap plan to landlines in the country where you are.
It is all explained there - you dial the access number for the country- it is a lanline number, the person you wanna talk to dials the access number where he is , you both choose the same code, called " conference room number " - a safe place and start talking . You both pay as for a local call to landlines. You can even invite a person via the system free- it will sendhim a massage which phone to dial and the code to enter- you do this only atfer pressing 3 while in a confernece room already. You can be a modetaror and control the talk. You can talk to many people in a conference call if you like. Great other features - go and check. I t is absolutely great when you are in a country with a poor internet connection and cannot use Skype, for instance !
Enjoy long calls to your friends and family worldwide while travelling or working abroad, like I do!
BR Diana

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