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Employment in Victoria

Local Economy

There are many job opportunities in the city of Victoria, but the main industries are food production, tourism, education and government admin and services. Technology seems to be a thriving sector in Victoria, with many job opportunities opening up in this sector.

Education is also ranked highly when it comes to careers, and what are viewed as some of the most important employers in Victoria come under the education banner. The University of Victoria and Camosun College plus a number of public and private schools are included in these employers.

Another employer ranked very highly in Victoria is the Canadian Forces, home of the Pacific headquarters of the Royal Canadian Navy.

Other industries that contribute greatly to the economy there are engineering, telecommunications, light aircraft manufacturing and banking.

Income Taxation in Victoria

Workers will be taxed as follows:

  • On the first  37,869 CAD: 5.06%
  • Between 37,869 CAD and 75,740 CAD: 7.7%
  • Between 75,740.01 CAD and 86,958 CAD: 10.50%
  • Between 86,958.01 CAD and 105,592 CAD: 12.29%
  • Between 105,592.01 CAD and 151,050 CAD: 14.70%
  • Over 151,050 CAD: 16.80%

Job Hunting in Victoria

Many expats who relocate to Victoria will have done so because of a transfer within their current company. For those who need to find a new job there are several ways to do this.


There are several local newspapers with jobs advertised, such as The Victoria News and The Times Colonist. However, some job ads in local papers won’t usually advertise professional positions. For those who are looking for highly paid skilled and professional positions with top line companies, we would recommend using one of the methods below.


There are a multitude of sites where you can register your details, CV and salary requirements: among them, there is Neuvoo and Workopolis.

Agencies like these in Victoria are paid by employers to find them the very best candidates for the positions they have to fill. By registering with more than one agency you should find they will be contacting you with details of positions you are an ideal match for.

Applying directly

If you know who you would like to work for it’s always worthwhile checking out their website to see what vacancies they have and applying directly. Many companies like this approach as it shows confidence and self-belief from a potential employee. This is the job page on the website for the government in Victoria.

Job Fairs

These are a great place for expats to meet prospective employers and agents who represent companies. Networking and getting your name out there can open up lots of opportunities when job hunting.

For expats who haven’t worked abroad before it may seem quite daunting. But provided you have qualifications and experience in the position you are applying for there is nothing stopping you from getting a good job in Victoria.

A growing economy means businesses will be expanding and taking on more staff, plus there will lots of people setting up new companies, which both mean job opportunities for experienced and hardworking expatriates who have relocated to the beautiful city of Victoria.

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