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Hi all,

Here is just a quick word of warning for any of you who plan to rent an apartment from Raab & Raab ( Protected content ). If you really have to rent from them, pay extreme notice to:
- perform proper inventory of all the apartment prior to you moving in. I would suggest that you spend 2h in order to take pictures of everything. Do not accept statements ah this is how it is. Be very picky about details. If you are not they will be when you are returning the apartment.
- do not accept to move in into their apartment unless apartment is completely painted walls + ceiling. Otherwise you will have to when returning apartment. Do not accept excuse it looks white, but request that they paint it - its your right.
- Immediately report issues with the apartment to them, otherwise they will accuse you of the damage.
- Prepare psychologically that they will be rude, impolite, aggressive, and pushy once you inform them that you are moving out of the apartment. They will not take NO as an answer when they would like to bring a person to see the flat at 9pm, while you are putting your 1y to sleep.
- Prepare to supervise visitors who are coming to see apartment because their agent will not guide the visitors nor stop them from opening your things, taking photographs, etc.

In other words be prepare for anything.

We lost a lot of time, energy, and nerves with them so please do not do it also.



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