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Connect University Job Announcement (Faculty) (Yangon)

We are searching for a long-term instructor (must hold a Masters or Ph. D. degree from a reputable American University) who can commit approximately 30 hours of work per week in the instruction of college students in the following areas. In addition, we are seeking an instructor to assist in our Summer Program which runs from May to the end of July.

• Introduction to Literature
• Argumentation and Persuasion
• Academic Literacy
• Fundamentals of Public Communications
• American History
• Advanced English Strategies
• Introduction to Language

ENG 20, Introduction to Literature, 4 credits — Literary appreciation and criticism will be encouraged through reading and close written analysis of short stories, selections from novels, drama, and poetry from diverse Western and non-Western cultures.

COM 7, Argumentation and Persuasion, 3 credits — Persuasion is a social tool for resolving controversy and forming opinions from the perspectives of both the persuader and the persuaded. An overview of logical analysis,evidence, reasoning and proof will also be presented.

ENGL 10, Academic Literacy, 3 credits — This course is designed to assist students in expository writing with an emphasis on research, source citation and longer expository essay development. American college-level literacy is crucial to the survival of our students when they transfer to an American university. The course develops these skills through the reading of essays, the analysis of rhetorical strategies, and the exploration and expression of ideas through the expository writing process, which includes formulating topics, constructing arguments, organizing information, revising, and editing.

COMM 3, Fundamentals of Public Communication, 3 credits — This is a course in public speaking, emphasizing the required procedures for planning, writing, and delivering speeches in various expository topic areas, such as the “impromptu” speech, the persuasive speech, the informative speech and others.

HIST 12, American History from Protected content , 3 credits — This course covers American history from Protected content American Civil War) until the present day. This course includes a review of signi cant events in American history and a review of the role of various ethnic and social groups in the ongoing formation of the American nation. A review of American foreign policy (how it is formed and what in uences it) and its impact on the rest of the world will be studied.

LING 6, Advanced English Strategies, 3 credits — This course is designed to assist students in the types of sentence-to-paragraph development of expository composition expected at the college and university level.
Emphasis is on developing good support for topic sentences and avoiding irrelevancy, developing sound reasoning, and creating effective introductions, conclusions, and transitions. Students will study and practice description, comparison-contrast, cause-effect, classi cation, argument.

LING 10, Introduction to Language, 3 credits — This introduction to language, including its nature, structure, use, history, and acquisition has the goal of imparting an understanding of the importance of language in human affairs (including social and cultural functions) and an appreciation of its complexity and diversity. Although English is the
focal language, a comparative approach will be taken.

About Connect University
“ Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. ” — Albert Einstein

At Connect, we believe that ideas and people are the two most powerful elements of learning; connecting these can lead us to new worlds. A worthy education challenges the way we see things and enables us to better understand the world around us. Each and everyone of us deserves a good education. Connect University offers students an opportunity to earn certifiable course credits for a four-year U.S. undergraduate degree right here in Myanmar. The Freshman and Sophomore years of study take place in Yangon and are composed of a broad range of General Education courses required by and transferrable to U.S. universities. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet the rigorous educational standards and student life of U.S.
universities during the program.

Upon completion of the two years' courses at Connect, students choose their majors and finish their Junior and Senior years of study in the United States at one of our partner universities. Our courses are recognised and endorsed by our partner U.S. universities under the “International Studies Program” agreement, and the course
credits comply with the U.S. educational standards. Please visit Protected content to learn more about Connect University and our academic programs.

Please contact Protected content , Protected content , and Protected content or Protected content you are interested. Our address is Suite 3, Pansodan Business Tower, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

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